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Software Solutions To Manage Events Strategically


Once the event request has been completed in ME REQUEST, the next step is defining the approval process.


 You have the ability to define multiple approval levels and processes based on the department, type of meeting and expenditure level.  Once you have completed the request and submitted for approval the system will manage sending an e-mail and links to the request to the first person in the approval process.  Depending on teh action that person takes, either it is forwarded to the next person for their approval or an e-mail alert is sent to the requestor for more information, clarifications or adjustments.


These approval levels remain in the ME SMM system and can be used again for subsequent event requests.  If the approval levels of individuals change, these can be updated either as a mainteance step or on-the-fly as a request is submitted.


At any time you can inquire about the status of a request, send reminders if it is stalled or make changes and re-submit.