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Software Solutions To Manage Events Strategically


How ME can help you

Meeting Evolution  (ME) is a web-based Strategic Meetings Management (SMM) platform that manages the entire event lifecycle and process based upon industry standards as defined by the Convention Industry Council.

The ME SMM solution provides one of the most comprehensive property and vendor databases in the industry.  Suppliers have the ability to update their property's information and you have the ability to add your contacts, comments, identify favorites and even track negotiated transient rates to help when negotiating rates.  Where many SMM solutions stop at e-mailing the e-RFP as an attachment, ME SMM provides a complete solution.  All activities against an e-RFP are tracked within the system and each property has the ability to reply directly in ME SMM so you always have a view of the most up-to-date information on who received, who replied, who hasn't replied yet and details of the response - not available, alternate dates, etc.

Select the responding properties and quickly view side-by-side comparison showing proposed rates, event fees, concessions and final estimated costs.  Drill through to the details or export to Excel to circulate for review.

Communication of changes, sending reminders, space-hold commitments, awarded notifications and contract negotiations are all automatic within the system. Best of all, once you have awarded the contract, you can begin to manage the meeting and even transfer the data to the ME REGISTRATION module to start setting up your on-line registration.

ME SMM further helps you by providing strategic reports on your meeting spend - breaking down by meeting, by supplier, by department, consolidated views and drill-through details when you need them.  Since we maintain your historical meeting details, you have the ability to compare year over year, total meeting spend with specific chains or properties and your accumulated savings!

More specifically, our customers using ME SMM solutions have documented significant improvements in efficiencies, the ability to handle many more events with the same staff, increase cost savings by having historical booking information available, a higher response rate with quicker responses, and an increased professionalism in relating to their customers and attendees because of the streamlined processing capabilities.

We look forward to discussing how the ME SMM technology solutions can help your organization!  Call us today at 877-865-6913 ext 2 or contact us at