Easily control the event request requirements and approval process to streamline your sourcing activities.

Reduce the frustration and inefficiencies of gathering details of requested events and the typical back-and-forth regarding information and approvals. Now you can provide your customers –within your organization or sponsors/stakeholders with the necessary tools to complete their request and route for approval.

All in one place:

  • Department
  • Desired location(s)
  • Requested date(s)
  • Preliminary budget
  • Room rate ranges
  • Facilities required
  • Approval flow and limits
  • Auto-fill e-RFP upon approval

Everything in one place!

You control the required information. No more searching for spreadsheets, justifications, notes, etc. – with ME REQUEST all the information is in one place and easily reviewed or updated at any time!

Key Features

  • Manage all details in one process
  • Quickly develop projected budgets
  • Customize for unique requirements
  • Approval limits and flow
  • Automated routing and review
  • Download/start e-RFP process

ME REQUEST eliminates wasted time, resources and frustration:

Define required information for event requests

Profile of event, desired location(s), type of property, budget ranges, preferred dates, purpose of event, expected outcome/results.

Manage approval process

Easily establish departmental or other criteria approval ranges and identify required approvals – automated forwarding of request and status available 24/7.

Seamless integration to ME SOURCING

Once approved, accept and assign to planner – data automatically pre-populates e-RFP and saves valuable time and effort.