About Meeting Evolution

In today’s SMM environment, meeting planners must think and work strategically in order to deliver quality and cost effective meeting services.

Regardless of the nature and number of events and meetings that are managed, having information available to both planners and management that drives decision making on meeting activity and spend is critical.

True Strategic Meetings Management (SMM) is more than just the number of RFPs generated, number of properties and vendors targeted, or the response rate – it is the strategic use of current and historical information to drive the decision of what properties and vendors to submit a well thought-out RFP.

ME Development History

Prior to the general release of the Meeting Evolution SMM solutions in 2008, we spent more than 8 years working with major corporate and association senior meeting planners to identify the essential features and capabilities required to manage the many details of sourcing meetings and events. We conducted market research with focus groups, clients, and hotel partners to determine the true requirements, not only the information that should go into an RFP, but how to narrow the selection process to properties and vendors that meet the requirements of the RFP.

In 2008, we started Meeting Evolution with the purpose of creating strategic meetings management (SMM) software solutions for the meetings and events industry from the professional meeting planner’s perspective.

What We Offer You

Be in control of information regarding detailed supplier proposals of availability, sleeping rooms and meeting space, confirmation reports, custom hotel contract management workflow, robust budgeting, and financial reporting that allows your organization to answer the question, “Where are we spending our money?” and “How to leverage our total meeting spend to enhance value-based negotiations?”

In the past years, we have assisted corporate, association, and meeting management departments with deploying a dynamic SMM solution that allows them to handle more events with existing staff while enabling them to provide a higher level of quality, added meeting value, cost savings & analysis, robust spend, and value reporting to their stakeholders.

Tools that take advantage of natural extensions to our SMM solutions.

In addition to our SMM solutions for sourcing, RFPs, and contracts, we also have integrated modules that automate:

  • Meeting Submission
  • Approval Process
  • Banquet Event Orders
  • Meeting Management & Logistics
  • Registration Services
  • Integration With Our Strategic Partners