Our Meeting Evolution staff have 100 years of experience in the area of meeting management and meetings technology. As such, we are uniquely qualified to assist your organization in a number of areas including how technology is impacting your operations and recommendations for areas of improvement.

Often meetings departments continue the tradition of using existing technologies that may be outdated and can actually impede our professionalism because ‘that’s the way it has always been’. Further complicating the review and adoption of new technologies is the fact that most meeting departments have minimal ‘downtime’, are typically overlooked as areas for improving performance, and the extra time and effort we put into making sure our meetings and events are successful often hides the challenges we work through.

Meeting Evolution can help in a number of ways:

Technology Audits

Leveraging our experience (and those of our Strategic Partners), we have the ability to take an objective look at your current procedures and technology, making recommendations for improvement and new solutions – even if they aren’t ours! Our focus is a happy customer maximizing their technologies to streamline their work, better managing meeting spend, and making you – the planner – the star!

Process Analysis

Building off of our Six Sigma approach to meetings management, we understand the best practices, the demands on a meeting planning department, and the best ways to get management buy-in to new processes and procedures. These often involve new technologies, so we can provide you with a ‘best-of-breed’ recommendation for your organization.

Out-Sourcing Services

We all experience times when we just can’t get it all done; ME has a number of strategic partners that are able to step in to handle sourcing, meeting registration, mobile apps, and even on-site staffing for your meetings. We can use your technologies or deploy ME technologies that you can then continue to use for future meetings and events.

If your organization is faced with any of these challenges, please contact us at 877-865-6913 option 2 or, and we will set up a time to discuss how we can help!