Strategic Meetings Management (SMM) Products

Meeting Evolution (ME) Strategic Meetings Management (SMM) products are available as individually deployed modules or a complete ME SMM SUITE that provides technology to manage the full life-cycle of your meetings.

Establish the core requirements by submitting a request for a meeting or event. Define the approval process based on the department, type and/or budget level. Route the request for review and approval before assigning to a planner. Once approved, the details from the request go directly into the ME SOURCING module to form the basis of the e-RFP. It is great to establish corporate standards as well as valuable for 3rd party management companies who can provide ME REQUEST to their customers, so they can control the submissions and make sure the event/meeting has been approved before assigning resources.

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e-RFPs submitted through ME SOURCING have one of the highest rates of response because of the quality and completeness of the information. With more than 100,000 properties in our property/vendor database and the ability to refine your selection criteria, properties that receive an ME originated e-RFP understand the meeting will be held and they have the ability to respond directly into the ME SMM database. You then have the ability to quickly review the status of an e-RFP, send updates, reminders, and notices. ME SOURCING incorporates all facets of global hotel sourcing, custom hotel contracting, meeting consolidation/leveraged spend, cost savings/risk reduction, and strategic reporting available on-line 24/7.

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Now that you have sourced your meeting, it’s time to do the hard work! That is where ME WORKSPACE picks up the load and streamlines managing the complicated Event Specification Guide (ESG) providing the ability to track A/V, F&B, set-up, IT/Technology, and scheduling of all of your agenda items. Room block, security, and transportation can also be tracked. Provide secure access to staff members, so they can make updates, check for availability of space for pop-up meetings, and generate BEO’s with the click of a button! Changes after you sent the PDF BEO’s can be tracked and change-orders can be generated.

If you are using ME SOURCING you can export your room block, agenda items, meeting rooms and contracts for each hotel you are working with. A couple of clicks and all of this information is now available in ME WORKSPACE.

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While many registration solutions take a template or one-size-fits-all approach, ME REGISTRATION goes a major step further – while we provide you with standard templates that simplify the set up and parameters of your registration, we work with you as your partner to make sure that the on-line registration for each meeting addresses all of the unique characteristics and captures the data you need to accurately manage your meetings. Using state-of-the-art development tools, we work with you to develop the registration pages, database elements for registration and housing, and the strategic reports you need to stay on top of your registration and manage at the highest level. Best of all – we structure our fees based on what works best for you and the nature of your meetings. Whether it’s an all-inclusive annual rate covering unlimited meetings and registrations or a per-meeting set up and nominal per registrant fee, we have the solution that will not only fit your budget, but give you the tools you need to manage all aspects of your registration and housing.

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ME MOBILE is more than just a mobile event app! With ME MOBILE, you can connect your audience with each other and your content on any device: before, during and after your event. If you are using ME REGISTRATION, we have a data link that will update the mobile app with new registrants inviting them to visit the web portal and learn how to access/download the mobile app. With the social networking included in ME MOBILE, your attendees can set up meetings with other attendees, join discussion groups, view floorplans, exhibitors, sponsors, and more!

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If you are looking for an end-to-end full meeting life cycle solution for your SMM – then you have come to the right place. Our ME SMM SUITE encompasses all of the above products and much more! No other provider has as robust a solution that truly starts with the event/meeting request, passes the data directly to the e-RFP and sourcing process, then takes the final details of the meeting and property to build the core aspects of the registration process. Whether you are a corporation looking for departmental and consolidated management of your meeting spend, a 3rd party meeting management company looking to provide more services and efficiencies for your clients and staff, or you are a not-for-profit looking to streamline your regional and educational meetings along with your annual conference and exhibitor management – ME SMM SUITE is the only solution you need!

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