ME technology is the most comprehensive web-based Strategic Meetings Management (SMM) software platform for the meetings and events industry.

e-RFPs submitted through ME SOURCING have one of the highest rates of response because of the quality and completeness of the information. With more than 100,000 properties in our property/vendor database and the ability to refine your selection criteria, properties that receive an ME originated e-RFP understand the meeting will be held, and they have the ability to respond directly into the ME SMM database.

Complete solution:

    • Full CRM
    • 100,000+ Properties
    • APEX Compliant
    • Side-by-side Comparison Grids
    • Track responses, follow-ups, declines
    • Supplier history
    • Contract management
    • All communications processed and tracked in the system
    • Attach final contracts and documents
    • Track actual pick-up
    • Strategic analysis reporting

Complete sourcing tools!

You control the process from request to contract.

With ME SOURCING, you have the ability to quickly review the status of an e-RFP, send updates, reminders, and notices.

Key Features:

    • Manage unlimited clients & events
    • Multiple levels of property search criteria
    • On-screen alerts for space or rate issues
    • Side-by-side comparisons
    • Automated submission, reminders, responses, and communications

ME SOURCING is true life-cycle management of your sourcing activities

At-a-glance details of the e-RFP Status

RFP Checklist, multiple Requested Dates, Response Summary with one-click access to details and comparisons, updates and reminders easily sent from summary page.

Quickly review responses, generate cost, and savings analysis

See details of responses, generate side-by-side comparisons, and export detailed Excel reports for distribution and review.

Automated Space Hold, Contract negotiation, and award

Manage multiple custom contract templates with industry-standard terminology clauses, the ability to modify existing clauses, and/or add custom clauses.